Argument: Hybrid cars are too mild a solution to global warming

Issue Report: Hybrid vehicles


“Are These Hybrid Cars the Answer to Global Warming and Waning Oil Supplies?”. Associated Content. 26 Apr. 2006 – Are these hybrid cars the answer to global warming and waning oil supplies?

Although they are a step in the right direction, the answer to the question is a surprising: No.

Current hybrid cars are designed to use internal combustion engine, electric motor and battery technology to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Which they do. Slightly. Certainly not enough to make any major impact within the time-frame(s) we’re in all likelihood operating under. The double whammy pressures of global warming and declining oil supplies. We have run out of time for tinkering with gas-electric technology that gets less than 150 to 200 MPG. These rudimentary hybrids are a step that is out of step because it is a step that should have been taken 20 to 30 years ago.