Argument: Hunting makes animals fearful of humans; breaches trust

Issue Report: Hunting for sport


John Wolcot. Ballade To a Fish of the Brooke. 1794. – WHY flyest thou away, with fear? “Trust me, there’s nought of danger near; “I have no wicked hooke, “All cover’d with a snaring bait, “Alas ! to tempt thee to thy fate, “And dragge thee from the brooke. “O harmless Tenant of the Flood, “I do not wish to spill thy blood; “For Nature unto thee “Perchance hath given a tender wife, “And children dear, to charme thy life, “As she hath done for me. Enjoy thy streame, O harmless Fish “And when an Angler, for his dish, Through gluttony’s vile sin, “Attempts, a wretch, to pull thee out; “God give thee strenght, O gentle Trout, “To pull the raskall in![1]