Argument: Government is corrupt and works against the interests of the people

Issue Report: Libertarianism


L. Neil Smith – “The first and most important thing to understand about politics is this: forget Right, Left, Center, socialism, fascism, or democracy. Every government that exists — or ever existed, or ever will exist — is a kleptocracy, meaning “rule by thieves”. Competing ideologies merely provide different excuses to separate the Productive Class from what they produce. If the taxpayer/voters won’t willingly fork over to end poverty, then maybe they’ll cough up to fight drugs or terrorism. Conflicting ideologies, as presently constituted, are nothing more than a cover for what’s really going on, like the colors of competing gangs.”[1]

  • “To politicians, solved problems represent a dire threat — of unemployment and poverty. That’s why no problem ever tackled by the government has ever been solved. What they want is lots of problems they can promise to solve, so that we’ll keep electing them — or letting them keep their jobs in a bureaucracy metastasizing like cancer.”
  • “The function of government is to provide you with service; the function of the media is to supply the Vaseline.”