Argument: Google has higher responsibility to global norms than Chinese laws

Issue Report: Google decision to stop censoring results in China


“What Lengths Will You Go For China’s Market? What are You Willing to Give Up?” All Roads Lead to China. March 26th, 2010: “What firms should be doing is playing by global standards that exceed China’s. Building factories that exceed today’s regulations, and ignore the fact that local rules may look past those who fail to meet those rules TODAY, having global labor standards that exceed local “Conventional wisdom” and regulations, and implement global codes of conduct on managers related to bribery. […] That, in fact, while firms need to certainly abide by China’s rules, it is the firms who exceed those rules who will ultimately have the most sustainable business models, even if developing these models require an upfront higher cost and may limit the short term opportunity that would only be accessible to those who are willing to bend over their moral lines.”