Argument: Google employees should not self-censor results in China

Issue Report: Google decision to stop censoring results in China


“Google and China.” New York Times Editorial. March 23, 2010: “We have no illusions that the Chinese Communist Party will suddenly decide to allow its citizens unfettered access to the Internet through Google’s Hong Kong service, where it was redirecting China-based searchers. Beijing is already reportedly disabling searches and blocking search results on Google’s site.

But that is much better than self-censorship, which put Google in the troubling business of stripping out results from searches about politically touchy subjects like China’s occupation of Tibet and the massacre on Tiananmen Square by the Chinese Army.”

“China wants to control its people by restricting what they can read. If that’s the way they want it, let them do it on their own.” – Reader comment on (March 12, 2010).[1]