Argument: Geothermal drilling can release toxic gases from the earth

Issue Report: Geothermal energy


“Disadvantages of Thermal Energy”. Clean Energy Ideas – “Developers of such sites must be careful and aware that in some cases, harmful gases can escape from deep within the earth, through the holes drilled by the constructors. The plant must be able to contain any leaked gases, but disposing of the gas can be very tricky to do safely.”

“The disadvantages of geothermal energy”. Alternative Energy – The biggest concern for environmentalists is the gases and materials released from deep within the earth’s centre. The gases and minerals released are more often than not hazardous. The biggest concern is for hydrogen sulfide. It is a very corrosive gas and is very difficult to dispose off properly. The minerals which cause concern are: – arsenic, mercury, and ammonia. The danger or earthquakes is also increased when drilling for geothermal energy.