Argument: Gaza blockade is collective punishment for Hamas rule

Issue Report: Israeli blockade of Gaza


“Human Rights Watch slams Gaza blockade” Big News Network. June 8th, 2010: “Israel’s comprehensive blockade of the Gaza Strip [is] a form of collective punishment against civilians imposed in response to Hamas’s takeover of Gaza in June 2007.”

From Wikipedia 2007-Present Gaza blockade, retrieved June 8th, 2010: BBC’s World Affairs correspondent Paul Reynolds said that if Gaza is treated as a “hostile entity” the question is whether the measures used by Israel and Egypt sufficiently distinguish between civilian and military. The 1977 amendment to the Geneva Conventions protocols prohibits the use of collective measures that do not distinguish between civilians and military. The amendment protects civilian populations in time of conflicts that fall short of war. Israel has not signed these protocols but there is an expectation internationally that it should respect them.[1]