Argument: Gay marriage would reduce pressure on gays to marry straight

Issue Report: Gay marriage


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. “The Tragedy of the McGreevey Marriage.” WNet Daily Exclusive Commentary. August 14th, 2004: “The potential for tragedy, as in the case of the McGreevey marriage, is when we so severely stigmatize homosexuality – and there is not a single outward homosexual who has been elected to high office – that we force bisexual men to completely hide and deny their homosexual side so that they have no one to talk to and wrestle successfully with their nature. They are forced to hide their attractions fully and utterly. They cannot discuss them with priests, Rabbis, friends, and certainly not with their wives. The attraction can therefore only manifest itself in the form of a deceptive and aberrant relationship, as was the case with James McGreevey…Religious individuals and moralists who encourage gay men with absolutely no attraction to women to enter into the heterosexual institution of marriage are not only unrealistic, they are cruel, cold and heartless. The practice is immoral and deeply destructive to the marriage’s participants, as well as to the children who follow. For these men, civil unions should be legally available as a viable alternative.”