Argument: Gay marriage threatens cultural tradition of marriage

Issue Report: Gay marriage


Margarette Somerville. “The case against gay marriage.” McGill Center for Medicine, Ethics and Law. April 29, 2003: “To form a society, we must create a societal-cultural paradigm — the collection of values, principles, attitudes, beliefs, and myths, the “shared story” through which we find values and meaning in life, as both individuals and society. In establishing a societal-cultural paradigm all human societies have focused on the two great events of every human life: birth and death. Marriage is a central part of the culture — values, attitudes, beliefs — that surrounds birth. We require a culture related to birth in a secular society, at least as much as in a religious one, and must establish it through secular means. That is one reason why the legal recognition of marriage is important.”

Maggie Gallagher. “Marriage Matters.” National Review. July 13, 2004: “Marriage is not created by government. It is older than the Constitution, older than America, older even than the church. It exists in every known human society and it always has something to do with bringing men and women together so that society has the next generation it needs and children have both mothers and fathers, as they need.”