Argument: Fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles are competitive in the markets

Issue Report: Hybrid vehicles


John Abrams, Roberta Berrent. “U.S. Consumer Demand for Hybrid Vehicles Goes Mainstream”. The MindClick Group. 13 Sept. 2007 – Los Angeles, Calif., September 13, 2007 – 50 percent of new vehicle shoppers are considering purchase of a Hybrid vehicle, according to the findings of the May 2007 Consumer Global Warming MonitorTM (GWM), released today by independent market research firm, The MindClick Group. MindClick’s Global Warming MonitorTM is a quarterly examination of how concern for global warming is affecting U.S. consumers’ purchase habits, perceptions, attitudes, and
behaviors. The online study of 1,023 U.S. consumers proves that American demand for hybrid vehicles has gone mainstream, with Hybrid purchase consideration driven by perceived fuel economy. Survey results revealed that over 80% of those considering a
Hybrid are doing so for the anticipated fuel savings. According to MindClick’s segmentation of global warming concern, Hybrid interest even exists among the “Non-Believer” and “Indifferent” market segments.