Argument: Free trade leads to foreign dependencies in vital resources

Issue Report: Free trade


  • Patrick J. Buchanan. “Free Trade is Not Free, Mr. President”. The American Cause. May, 2001 – “A dangerous, deepening dependency on foreign nations for the vital necessities of our national life. America imported $89 billion in crude oil last year, half of all the oil we consumed. Oil dependency sucked us into war with Iraq, has forced us to give war guarantees to non-viable states in the Gulf, and is dragging the U.S. into the snake pit of Caspian Basin and Central Asian power politics.
Have we forgotten? Hamilton created the ‘American System’ to end our reliance on England and Europe, because he and Washington believed economic independence was necessary for political independence. If we did not depend on Europe, they knew, we could stay out of Europe’s wars. Is all that Made-in-China junk at the mall worth the loss of our economic independence?”