Argument: Foldable phones are a phone and tablet in one

Issue Report: Foldable Phone


Justin Denison, Samsung’s SVP of mobile product marketing: “When it’s open, it’s a tablet offering a big-screen experience. When closed, it’s a phone that fits neatly inside your pocket.”

Chris Harrison, an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute: “We ran out of runway on interesting ideas for smartphones, so the fight is about screen size. Pretty much the only way to get more screen real estate is to move to the back of the display, or to go to some foldable thing.”

Brian Barrett, “The Brief History – and Uncertain Future – Of Foldable Phones,” Wired, November 10, 2018: “The scenarios are enticing: You keep your smartphone in single-screen mode on the way to the subway to check in on Twitter, then unfold it to tablet size once you’re on the train to read The New York Times. The appeal is obvious enough that one wonders why it took so long. Especially since even Samsung was pitching it as far back as 2011.”: