Argument: Feelings of Muslim 9/11 victims need to be considered as well

Issue Report: Ground zero mosque


“Build that mosque.” Economist, Lexington. August 5th, 2010: “what about the feelings, and for that matter the rights, of America’s Muslims—some of whom also perished in the atrocity?”

Fareed Zakaria. “Build the Ground Zero Mosque.” August 6th, 2010: “Abraham Foxman, the head of the ADL, explained that we must all respect the feelings of the 9/11 families, even if they are prejudiced feelings. ‘Their anguish entitles them to positions that others would categorize as irrational or bigoted,’ he said. First, the 9/11 families have mixed views on this mosque. There were, after all, dozens of Muslims killed at the World Trade Center. Do their feelings count?”