Argument: Face-covering not required in Islam; no religious need

Issue Report: Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab


Jean Francois-Cope. “Tearing away the veil.” New York Times. May 4th, 2010: “French Muslim leaders have noted that the Koran does not instruct women to cover their faces, while in Tunisia and Turkey, it is forbidden in public buildings; it is even prohibited during the pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslims are the first to suffer from the confusions engendered by this practice, which is a blow against the dignity of women.”

Baron Bodissey. “A Yes to a Burka Ban is a Yes to Secularization.” Europe News. May 20th, 2010: “I am sorry that I have to struggle with the Koran whenever burkas or whole-body coverings are debated. In the Koran, there are just two places where veiling of Muslim women is suggested, but without precise instructions on how this is supposed to look. Everything else was added over time, layer by layer, by Islamic theologians, and simply served to keep women on a leash and make them controllable.”