Argument: Evolution is an observable fact

Issue Report: Creationism vs evolution in schools


Yes, in exactly the same way that scientists prove any other deeply and widely held scientific claim.
Holders of the religious theories of creation (especially “creation scientists”) often demand a much higher level of proof for evolution’s claims than they might for other scientific claims. Scientific conclusions are rarely, if ever, arrived at through deductive — purely logical — methods. Yet, creationists seem to demand this of evolution scientists; they demand a level of proof that closes every avenue of contention, whether reasonable or not.
Science proceeds by testing theories so as to determine which way the empirical evidence credibly points. The record amassed in favor of evolution is far and away sufficient to draw the conclusion that evolution is the only scientific theory for the origin of the universe appropriate for the classroom.”
  • Wikipedia: Evolution as theory and fact – Evolution is often said to be both theory and fact. This statement, or something similar, is frequently seen in biological literature. The point of this statement is to differentiate the concept of the “fact of evolution”, namely the observed changes in populations of organisms over time, with the “theory of evolution”, namely the current scientific explanation of how those changes came about.