Argument: Enhanced interrogations are necessary in ticking time bomb scenario

Issue Report: Enhanced interrogation techniques


Brianp55 commented on April 22, 2009 on the CBS News article “Is ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ Justifiable?”: “Let’s say that you arrest the head of an Al Queda cell who you believe has information about an iminent attack against the US homeland or other US facility. You sit down in front of the guy and ask him to tell you what he knows. He tells you to get screwed…in the name of Allah. Thousands of your fellow Americans could be killed. What do you do? How do you think the American public is going to react when they fnd out that you could have used ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques to extract the information and prevent this attack, but you did not because you wanted your actions to be politically correct?”[1]

According to an American Thinker article on April 21, 2009, “Even Obama’s hand-picked CIA Director, has admitted that he might consent to enhanced interrogation techniques under a ‘ticking time bomb’ scenario. And that is exactly the scenario in which the techniques were used during the Bush administration.”[2]