Argument: DREAM Act gives scholarships to illegals, but not legals

Issue Report: DREAM Act


Steve King. “Op-Ed: The DREAM Act Is An Amnesty Bill That America Cannot Afford.” Free Republic. December 6th, 2010: “Providing facts about tuition fees provides insight into the magnitude of this unjust benefit being given to illegal aliens under the DREAM Act. At the University of Iowa, an in-state resident attending the College of Business pays $3,894 per semester while an out-of-state resident pays $12,068 per semester. At Iowa State University, an in-state resident pays $3,566 per semester to attend the College of Business, while an out-of-state resident pays $9,347. Other public universities show similar multipliers. In fact, in the University of California system, in-state residents pay no tuition at all, while out-of-state residents pay a non-resident tuition fee that costs $22,021 per year at all University of California campuses. This tuition treatment creates a moral conundrum for DREAM Act supporters. What does one say to the widow or widower who has lost their husband or their wife in Iraq, or the child who lost their mother or father in Afghanistan, who is paying out-of-state tuition premiums while they are sitting at a desk next to someone who has received amnesty and a de facto scholarship under the DREAM Act?”

“DREAM Act: A Really Lame Duck.” The Heritage Foundation, Protect America. November 22nd, 2010: “Among several other concerns, the DREAM Act rewards those who violated immigration laws by granting them in-state tuition while state laws deny legal aliens on student visas tuition benefits.”