Argument: DREAM Act encourages bringing kids across for citizenship

Issue Report: DREAM Act


Heather MacDonald. “Trust Reason, Not Emotion, on the DREAM Act.” National Review Online. November 18, 2010: “The act signals to prospective illegal aliens the world over that if they can just get their child across the border illegally, they have put him on the path towards U.S. citizenship—and, as significant, the child will then be able to apply for legal status for his parents and siblings.”

David Frum. “A DREAM bill that’s more like a nightmare.” The Week. November 25th, 2010: “Possibility No. 2:. You’re a 40-year-old illegal alien who entered the country as an adult. You have a third-grade education. You are barely literate even in Spanish. Your back is bothering you; you are not sure how long you can continue working. Quite frankly, no country on earth would regard you as a desirable immigrant. Don’t despair. DREAM can offer you too an amnesty and gain you access to a lifetime of taxpayer-funded disability payments. You have kids don’t you? If they apply successfully under DREAM, they can sponsor you. While some talk about DREAM applicants as “skilled” immigrants, in fact the law’s requirements are so lenient that your kids would have to mess up very seriously to forfeit the law’s benefits. All they need to do is enroll in some institution of higher learning or the military and survive there for two years. Graduation is not required.”