Argument: Dividing Jerusalem will fail, like all divided cities in history

Issue Report: Dividing Jerusalem


Roni Aloni-Sadovnik. “Dividing Jerusalem won’t bring peace”. Y Net News. 29 May 2006 – “In the city of Nicosia, for example, they decided to build a wall to separate Turkish and Greek Cypriots, but this failed to solve the economic or political aspects of the conflict between the two peoples. And in Berlin, the wall brought no positive results, and was eventually toppled by residents themselves.

Belfast, Ireland never had a wall running through it, but woe the Catholic child who mistakenly wandered onto a Protestant street. And residents of Alsace-Lorraine waffled for years between German and French sovereignty, until they decided to divide border towns such that German residents would retain their ties to Germany, and French residents would remain connected to France. No physical border separated the two.”