Argument: Deterrence accompanying capital punishment varies across the states.

Issue Report: Death penalty

Support quotations

“DETERRENCE VERSUS BRUTALIZATION:CAPITAL PUNISHMENT’S DIFFERING IMPACTS AMONG STATES” Joanna M. Shepherd – “if policymakers in the no-deterrence states have goals other than deterrence, such as retribution, then they might continue capital punishment,despite the absence of deterrence. In the many states, however,where executions not only fail to deter but also cause additional murders of innocent people, policymakers might think twice before permitting statesponsored revenge that, in effect, kills innocent bystanders.”

Pro Death Penalty Webpage – Others say that states which do have the death penalty have higher crime rates than those that don’t, that a more severe punishment only inspires more severe crimes. I must point out that every state in the union is different. These differences include the populations, number of cities, and yes, the crime rates. Strongly urbanized states are more likely to have higher crime rates than states that are more rural, such as those that lack capital punishment. The states that have capital punishment are compelled to have it due to their higher crime rates, not the other way around.