Argument: Criminals could use ski masks just as easy as burqas

Issue Report: Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab


Nikhat Kazmi. “Don’t ban the burqa, question it.” The Times of India. June 23rd, 2009: “While we would not like to take such a strident position against it, specially when it comes from free will, we would like to wonder why it is important for women to hide themselves when it is possible to dress decently, behave modestly, maintain chastity and be righteous without the veil too. Moreover, in societies — and circumstances — where women feel it is easier for them to maintain chastity more than the men, isn’t it time to abandon the veil even more. For any prevention against crimes against women does not lie in hiding women from untrustworthy men. The cure lies in moving towards a more gender sensitive society which is only possible if men stop looking at women as objects of gratification. A burqa is no guarantee for that. A healthier intermingling of the sexes and a more open society are the only surefire way of ensuring both modesty and equality.

But bans surely are not the way out Mr Sarkozy. Specially not in a democratic society.”