Argument: Corn ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline

Issue Report: Corn ethanol


  • Retrieved 1.25.08 – “Fossil fuel-based gasoline is the largest source of man-made carcinogens and the number one source of toxic emissions, according to the U.S. EPA. Ethanol is a renewable, environmentally friendly fuel that is inherently cleaner than gasoline. Ethanol reduces harmful tailpipe emissions of carbon monoxide, particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, and other ozone-forming pollutants.
The use of ethanol-blended fuel helps reduce the environmental and economic impacts of gasoline consumption on our society.
Read more in the research Clearing the Air – a Review of the Real-World Impacts of Using Ethanol-Blended Fuel and in Ethanol: A Convenient Solution to the Inconvenient Truth.”
  • “The Benefits of Biofuels”. Energy Future Coalition. Retrieved 1.28.08 – “Argonne National Laboratory has carried out detailed analyses of the “well-to-wheels” greenhouse gas emissions of many different engine and fuel combinations. The chart at right shows a few selected examples. Argonne’s latest analysis shows reductions in global warming emissions of 20% from corn ethanol and 85% from cellulosic ethanol. Thus, greenhouse gas emissions in an E85 blend using corn ethanol would be 17% lower than gasoline, and using cellulosic ethanol would be 64% lower. A separate analysis found that biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 41%; thus, a B20 blend would achieve a reduction of about 8%.”