Argument: Consequences of geoengineering could be worse than climate change

Issue Report: Geoengineering


Graeme Wood. “Re-Engineering the Earth.” The Atlantic. September 12th, 2010: “as with nearly every geo-engineering plan, there are substantial drawbacks to the gas-the-planet strategy. Opponents say it might produce acid rain and decimate plant and fish life. Perhaps more disturbing, it’s likely to trigger radical shifts in the climate that would hit the globe unevenly. ‘Plausibly, 6 billion people would benefit and 1 billion would be hurt,’ says Martin Bunzl, a Rutgers climate-change policy expert. The billion negatively affected would include many in Africa, who would, perversely, live in a climate even hotter and drier than before. In India, rainfall levels might severely decline; the monsoons rely on temperature differences between the Asian landmass and the ocean, and sulfur aerosols could diminish those differences substantially.”