Argument: Circumcision helps protect against cancer of the penis

Issue Report: Infant male circumcision


Edgar J. Schoen, MD. Clinical Professor of Pediatrics. “Prevention of Genital Cancer.” Opposing Views – The human papilloma virus (HPV) has been shown to be the causative agent of penile cancer, cervical cancer, and other anogenital cancers (including anal and vulval cancers). Circumcised men are virtually completely protected against penile cancer. Cervical cancer is twice as likely to occur in sexually active women with uncircumcised partners. The risk is greater with early onset of sexual activity and multiple uncircumcised partners (very high incidence in prostitutes, almost no risk in nuns)

Dr. Brian Morris, Professor of Molecular Medical Sciences. “Here are the Main Benefits of Circumcision”. Opposing Views – “It reduces by over 20-fold the risk of invasive penile cancer, which has a high fatality rate. One in 600 uncircumcised men get penile cancer, which often requires penile amputation.”