Argument: China is improving on free speech; Google should stay

Issue Report: Google decision to stop censoring results in China


“Google Makes Right China Decision.” Internet Outsider. January 24th, 2006: “Although individual expression in China still has miles to go before becoming anything like free speech (at least with regard to criticism of the government), it’s much better than it used to be.”

Shaun Rein. “Opposing view: Google’s big mistake.” USA Today. March 29th, 2010: “Contrary to the way Google founder Sergey Brin makes it sound, the Chinese Internet has in fact opened up since the Olympics. The government has become less scared of content, and sites such as The Huffington Post and the BBC have been unblocked. True, sites heavy with user-generated content, such as Facebook and Twitter, are now blocked, but home-grown versions have flowered because the government feels they will follow local laws.”