Argument: China has a right to censor in its national interests

Issue Report: Google decision to stop censoring results in China


Nicholas Deleon. “China has every right to be upset with Google right now.” Crunch Gear. March 23, 2010: “What I don’t understand is, what gives Google the right to flout a country’s laws, no matter how “bad” they may seem? China doesn’t want its citizens to read up on Tienanmen Square—and? I really don’t think it’s the place outsiders to tell China how to run itself. You wouldn’t want Big China Corporation to build a factory in the middle of Texas, then demand that the state of Texas bend to its whims, would you?”

“The Chinese Government is completely within is right to set the standards for their security as they see fit.” – Reader comment on (March 12, 2010).[1]