Argument: Caffeinated alcohol drinks often advertised toward youth

Issue Report: Ban on caffeinated alcohol drinks


“EDITORIAL: Ban Big-Bang Beer. All Business, Editorial. November 15 2010: “marketing strategies of companies that sell these ‘blackout in a can’ products have been clearly offensive. Often the brightly colored cans of fruit-flavored danger are placed on shelves next to traditional energy drinks. [Washington Governor Chris] Gregoire correctly surmised: ‘It’s no different than the kind of appeal that Joe Camel had to our kids when it came to cigarettes.'”

“Banning an adult beverage difficult.” Lancaster Online. November 3rd, 2010: “Four Loko’s blend of sweet taste and an alcohol content of 12 percent (nearly three times that of most beers), as well as its relatively low price of about $3 for a 23-ounce can, lead many to suspect the drink is being deliberately marketed to young people.”