Argument: Caffeinated alcohol drinks have harmed lives/communities

Issue Report: Ban on caffeinated alcohol drinks


“EDITORIAL: Ban Big-Bang Beer.” The Columbian, Editorial. November 15 2010: “The ravages of these high-octane mixtures of alcohol and caffeine have spread through Clark County. Local counselors say teenagers drink the stuff like soda, and consumption has increased greatly in recent months. In September, four teenagers were injured in a car crash after allegedly consuming caffeinated malt liquor. Also, an officer-involved fatal shooting of a 22-year-old man occurred after the war veteran had consumed as many as four cans of the stuff. We see no need to increase long-standing regulation of other alcoholic beverages. But when there are repeated instances of young people — in a matter of mere months — guzzling potentially deadly beverages, it’s time to take action. And the eagerness of the Washington Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association to enact this ban further proves it’s the right thing to do.”