Argument: Burqa has diversity of meaning to women that wear it

Issue Report: Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab


Sheema Khan wrote in a Globe and Mail article: “the intentions of these women are diverse. For some, it is an act of faith to get closer to God. Some incur the disapproval of family, friends and community for taking this step; others are forced to do so by family members. Youthful defiance may play a role.”[1]

“Cold Comfort: Supporting Arguments don’t do Burqa Bans a Favor.” Muslimah Media Watch. February 4th, 2010: “In the bitterly, painfully cold Toronto winter cold snap we had last week, I found myself thinking that a piece of fabric designed to cover the face could actually be a great idea. In saying that, I don’t mean to trivialize the issue, but instead to say that covering one’s face, as with many experiences, can have multiple meanings, and might even be to one’s advantage at certain times.”