Argument: Burqa ban is not based on racism, but sound arguments

Issue Report: Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab


French President Nicholas Zarkozy said in May of 2010 following the implementation of a French ban on the burqa and niqab: “Nobody should feel hurt or stigmatised. I’m thinking in particular of our Muslim compatriots, who have their place in the republic and should feel respected.”[1]

Peter Worthington. “Quebec’s burqa ban is not racist.” The Sudbury Star (Canada). April 2010: “A majority of Canadians likely endorse Quebec’s decision (Bill 94). Some will call it racist, unfair and even unCanadian to ban face coverings for women and feel it should be a matter of individual choice. […] While worthy of debate and discussion, what the new Quebec law is not, is racist. Rather, it is an effort to promote or enhance racial and gender equality.”