Argument: Burqa ban increases tensions with Muslims and security risks

Issue Report: Ban on Muslim burqa and niqab


Gurmukh Singh. “Niqab ban gets unanimous support in Canada.” March 28th, 2010: “The Muslim community, through Muslims organizations, associations and the Masajid, need to approach Canadian civil society, including unions, womens’ organizations, and other groups who assist the oppressed, with the following message: targeting the Muslim community and its Deen is going to lead to the isolation of our community, increase the tensions between the different communities and undermine the reputation of Canada as a hospitable land. The consequences are dire and far reaching.”

James Chau. “Burqa ban smothers Europe’s civil liberties.” Global Times. May 10, 2010: “Targeting individual rights not only flags a warning sign for each one of us, but encouraging discrimination provides genuine extremists with an excuse to attack.”