Argument: Broad overviews of pros of being a lawyer

Issue Report: Law school


Denis Doty. “Is being a lawyer worth it?” Helium. January 9th, 2008: “there are things about being a lawyer that are very appealing. It is a “professional” job. People pay you for your advice and you often get to analyze complicated and/or interesting situations. You get to dress up in a nice suit most days and often work in pleasant surroundings. If you are lucky, your co-workers are bright and can debate a wide range of topics, from politics to celebrities’ love lives. You get the thrill of winning when a case is decided in your favor. You learn how to work hard, move up the ladder and then work even harder to maintain your gain. If you are successful and somewhat fortunate, you can earn a decent living, sometimes even a really good one. Depending on the type of law that you practice, you may even get a chance to right some wrongs during the course of your career. Even if you don’t end up as a champion of great causes, you have the opportunity to help people purchase a home, adopt a child, or set up a business. All of these things can be very satisfactory.”