Argument: Being a catcher means accepting certain inherent risks

Issue Report: Home plate collision rule in baseball


Nick Cafardo. “Let’s keep rule change off our plate, please.” The Boston Globe. May 29th, 2011: “Catchers are catchers because they are willing to be leaders and sacrifice their bodies. You never want to see the elite ones such as Joe Mauer and Buster Posey miss a lot of time because of injuries, but that’s the nature of the position.”

Fadi. “In Defense Of Home Plate Collisions.” Reasons for Termination. May 27th, 2011: “Why are we so concerned about changing the rules to sports (in this case an American past time) to protect athletes from injury? The emphasis here being the word “athlete.” They are athletes: major sports media seems to forget that these guys are getting paid millions of dollars to play sports. And in playing sports, injuries happen. It’s time we accept this fact and stop trying to change the game to accommodate injuries. Put it this way: let’s say you’re a baker, you get up in the morning, you kneed your dough, you put it in the oven, and out comes baguettes, croissants, what have you. One day, while you’re placing some baguettes in the oven, you burn your hand. Are the baking critics calling out “WE NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY BAKING GETS DONE, WE SHOULDN’T USE OVENS ANYMORE…IT PUTS INNOCENT BAKERS IN HARMS WAY!”? Absolutely not.”