Argument: Baseball lends itself well to instant replay

Issue Report: Instant replay in baseball


Thomas Boswell. “The right call: More replays.” Washington Times. November 10th, 2009: “how long did it take for millions of viewers, partisans in bars and TV announcers to know what the correct call should be? Often, they knew within 20 seconds and almost always within a minute. Has even one controversial play this October required the five, six or seven minutes that NFL replays frequently take? No, I don’t think so. […] Baseball fears that it will adopt replay and inherit the problems of the NFL. Far more likely, it would discover that replay is much better suited to baseball — both in accuracy and speed — than any other sport.

Jamie Samuelsen. “Galarraga call proves that time has come for replay in baseball.” June 4, 2010: “calls like the one at first base are stark. He was out. There’s not a single person who would disagree with that. Those are the calls that need to be replayed. It wouldn’t automatically make baseball longer. It WOULD automatically make baseball better.”