Argument: Atmospheric shifts show human fingerprints on global warming

Issue Report: Is climate change chiefly human-caused?


  • Union of Concerned Scientists. “Global Warming.” Retrieved 12.10.07 – “Fingerprint 2: The Atmosphere Shifts: Recent research shows that human activities have lifted the boundary of Earth’s lower atmosphere. Known as the troposphere (from the Greek tropos, which means ‘turning’), this lowest layer of the atmosphere contains Earth’s weather. The stable layer above is called the stratosphere. The boundary that separates the two layers, the tropopause, is as high as nine miles above the equator and as low as five miles above the poles. In an astounding development, a 2003 study showed that this tropopause has shifted upward over the last two decades by more than 900 feet. [10] The rising tropopause marks another human fingerprint on Earth’s climate.”

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