Argument: Assimilation promotes national unity

Issue Report: Multiculturalism vs. assimilation


  • Sociologist Henry Fairchild said that the United States policy of assimilation preserves “national unity in the face of the influx of hordes of persons of scores of different nationalities”.[1]
  • Israel Zangwill’s 1908 play – “There she lies, the great Melting-Pot–Listen! Can’t you hear the roaring and the bubbling?…Ah, what a stirring and a seething! Celt and Latin, Slav and Teuton, Greek and Syrian, black and yellow…Jew and Gentile….East and West, and North and South, the palm and the pine, the pole and the equator, the crescent and the cross–how the great Alchemist melts and fuses them with his purifying flame! Here shall they all unite to build the Republic of Man and the Kingdom of God.”[2]