Argument: Animal testing frequently qualifies as cruel and unusual torture

Issue Report: Animal testing


Dawn O’Connor. “The Against Animal Testing”. Helium – “Animals tested on are :monkeys,mice,rats,guinea-pigs,birds,reptiles,pigs,s heep,cattle,chickens,horses, cats,dogs,rabbits, and fish too. You name it they torture it. Monkeys are left in cages on their own so they are actually driven insane as they have no company,they are made to smoke to see how long it takes before they have cancer, they are purposely brain damaged to see how the brain reacts to certain substances rabbits are blinded as bleach and hair dye are dropped into their eyes, chunks of muscle from cats and dogs are taken while fully conscious to see if the food they eat helps develop muscle. Bear in mind in the UK alone approx three million animals are used in laboratory experiments each year.”

“I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.” – Author Unknown