Argument: A J.D. opens opportunities in political/govt work

Issue Report: Law school


“Why you should consider a JD MBA.” “An MBA JD degree is also useful if you are considering a career in politics or government. Even if you don’t plan to practice law or work in a business setting, there are many ways in which an MBA JD degree can help you prepare for a job in public service. Your range of knowledge will make you a valuable addition to any campaign, political staff or government office. In the same vein, government organizations are constantly working with private business and legal firms, and a JD MBA graduate is perfectly suited to such work.”

Hindi Greenberg. “So What Else Can You Do with Your Law Degree?” American Bar Association. July/August 2005: “legions of lawyers work within almost every department of the local, state, and federal governments.”

Susan Chen. “The Many Benefits Of Being A Lawyer.” Ezine Article. November 22, 2006 “Earn Prestige As A Lawyer. You can enter into the government service as a lawyer in three levels: local, state and federal. Among these three, the federal lawyers naturally earn more money and prestige.”