Argument: Terrorist interrogations must be performed, why not at Guantanamo?

Issue Report: Guantanamo Bay Detention Center


  • “No Good Reason To Close Gitmo”. Heritage Foundation. June 14, 2005 – “1. The function of Guantanamo Bay will be served somewhere. Closing Guantanamo will not relieve the United States from needing a facility to house and interrogate suspected terrorists. Should Guantanamo close, the government would have to relocate these functions. If there are problems with the detainment center, those problems should be transparently addressed. The Pentagon has taken great pains to ensure that all appropriate domestic and international agencies have adequate access to the facilities and has been responsive to credible allegations of abuse. Unlike in the tyrannical or regimes of North Korea or China, for example, alleged abuses of prisoners are investigated and those found guilty are held responsible. Moreover, there are established avenues by which Congress, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Red Crescent, and the media exercise differing degrees of oversight in Guantanamo. Changing locations now would lead to a transition period during which these organizations would have less access than they do today.”
  • Dick Cheney said on Larry King Live in 2007, “I think you need to have someplace to hold those individuals who have been captured during the global war on terror,”[1]