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IssueCounsel offers access to Issue Reports for a fee per Issue Report or through full-access subscriptions. We also offer a variety of other services, including Custom Issue Reports, Issue Counseling, Messaging Architectures, Competitive Intelligence, Communications and Business Services, Lesson Plans and Debate Instruction, Event Content Creation & Curation, Product Strength/Weakness Reviews, and Voter Guidance.

Custom Issue Reports

Visualize your issue with in-depth Issue Reports so you can deliberate, strategize, and craft targeted messaging.

IssueCounsel offers in-depth Issue Reports, which break down the arguments and factors in issues affectIng the world, your businesses, your election, or your life. We provide a portion of our Issue Reports for Free and full access for purchase. We also custom produce these reports for clients on demand. Issue Reports can cover issues global, national, or local in scope across the fields of politics, business, or just life. In whatever context, they provide a visual platform for superior deliberations, decision-making, strategic communications, and public affairs messaging.

Issue Counseling and Consulting

Navigate your issue with the help of our strategic communications and business services, all anchored by our visualization methodologies.

IssueCounsel offers consulting services to clients to help them navigate the complicated personal or organizational issues they are facing. This can involve walking clients through custom Issue Reports, helping a client deliberate and make a decision, or helping a client develop messaging campaigns or strategic responses related to its challenges. We offer an integrated hybrid of strategic communications and business consulting services, all anchored by our innovative argument/factor visualization methodologies.

Messaging Architectures

Let us visually frame your best arguments and overarching messaging themes, creating the architecture for a successful communications, PR, and marketing campaign.

IssueCounsel can create a custom Messaging Architecture to help you frame your personal or organizational response to the issue you face. What are your best arguments and messages? We can help you research, prioritize, and visually frame them. From there, we can help you develop overarching messaging themes, slogans, and mission statements. We present all of these work products in an appealing and referenceable visual structure.

Opposition Encyclopedias

We can comprehensively frame your opponent's arguments so you can respond with targeted and timely messaging.

IssueCounsel can compile a comprehensive Opposition Encyclopedia consisting of all of your opponents most important arguments. This is sometimes the most important starting point for framing your own arguments and messaging. We ensure that these Opposition Encyclopedias are visually navigable and digestible. We can also link this opposition research to a customized, counter-posing Messaging Architecture so you can quickly respond to your opponent’s arguments with targeted messaging.

Communications and Business Services

With substantial experience in communications, business, and law, IssueCounsel can provide a broad array of communications and strategic business services.

IssueCounsel’s Founder, Brooks Lindsay, offers an array of consulting skills from his diverse experience. He is a JD/MBA at the University of Washington and has a global background from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service (2006) and work at the World Bank. He brings a decade of experience in research, strategic communications, and messaging from work in journalism, communications agencies, politics, government, law, business, tech, and start-ups. As the Founder of, he combines the visualization methodologies innovated there with his diverse skills to guide you through your toughest challenges.

Lesson Plans and Debate Instruction

We offer teachers and instructors lesson plans and educational programs utilizing our Issue Reports and the immense education power of debate.

We provide lesson plans for historical and contemporary debates, walking instructors through the step-by-step process of using our in-depth Issue Reports as a platform for conducting stimulating in-class debates. The key is in providing students with most of the arguments upfront in an Issue Report so that they can focus on prioritizing their best arguments, poking holes in their opponent’s weakest arguments, and constructing a righteous case. We provide teachers with the plans and content for giving students an educational experience they will never forget.

Event Content Creation & Curation

If you are hosting a debate or public forum, we can create a custom Issue Report for the issue at hand to enhance the experience.

Whether you are hosting a debate event, public forum, or round-table discussion, we can create an Issue Report specifically for the issue you aim to address, providing a substantive visual aid to stimulate and guide the conversation. Speakers can come with a greater sense of the opposing views and audience members can deepen their engagement both before and after the event. We can host this content on Issue Counsel, imbed it on your website, or enable printing day of.

Product Strength/Weakness Reviews

Our Issue Reports can provide constructive pro/con analyses of your products or services, bolster your SEO, and provide customers with guidance.

It is in businesses’ best interests to have an objective sense of the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services. Our Issue Report provide an ideal platform to visually present and dissect these factors, learn from what’s working and what’s not, and make strategic improvements accordingly. Public-facing Issue Reports can provide SEO benefits and our private Issue Reports can visually frame customer opinions for your consideration.

Voter Guidance

We offer enhanced voter guides that break-down the pros and cons of candidates, referendums, and legislation so voters can make informed choices.

Voter guides are an important resource for considering the issues in an election, but they often inadequately frame the arguments of the various candidates and the public debate surrounding proposed legislation, referendums, or ordinances. IssueCounsel’s Issue Reports provide a superior visual architecture for comparing candidates and considering whether to vote for or against proposed laws. The pro/con format and sub-debate structure is ideal for guiding voter deliberations.

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