Argument: Kosovo is capable of governing itself independently

Issue Report: Kosovo independence


  • The Alliance for a New Kosovo – “The March 2004 ethnic violence was a tragic wake-up call that Kosovo had much to do to meet the UN standards. Kosovo’s leadership responded. The government allocated 10.5 million Euros of government funds to support the return of displaced persons, particularly those displaced by the March 2004 violence. The Kosovo assembly passed an Anti-Discrimination Law, long supported by the international community, and is training judges and prosecutors to enforce the law. Kosovo’s then Prime Minister and municipal level leadership issued a joint declaration urging displaced Serbs to return. A majority of municipalities developed strategies to encourage the return of displaced persons to their communities, and appointed municipal Returns officers. The Minister of Local Government and the Minister of Returns personally went to displaced persons camps to encourage people to return. In addition, a multi-ethnic Kosovo Police Service has been established. According to the United Nations, the Service is ‘based on respect for human rights, and now engaged in almost every sphere of police work in Kosovo.'”


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