Argument: Blockade delegitimizes Hamas, preserves two-state solution

Issue Report: Israeli blockade of Gaza


Yossi Klein Halevi. “There’s No Alternative.” New York Times Room for Debate. June 1, 2010: “The current policy of Israel and the West— to isolate and delegitimize Hamas rule in Gaza, while bolstering living conditions in the West Bank — needs to be maintained, for the sake of an eventual two-state solution.

The political rationale for the siege is that only by eroding Hamas’s power can the two-state solution remain viable. So long as Hamas remains in control of Gaza, the Israeli public, which now overwhelmingly supports the principle of two states, will not agree to withdraw from the West Bank.

That’s because of fear of a West Bank takeover by Hamas, similar to its violent coup in Gaza. Israeli fear is especially acute regarding Jerusalem: Israelis will not agree to sharing their capital with a Palestinian state so long as a very real possibility exists that Hamas may end up in control over East Jerusalem.