Argument: Tibetans enjoy better human rights standards today then ever before

Issue Report: Tibet independence

Supporting quotes

  • “Tibet: Its Ownership and Human Rights Situation,” also known as the “China White Paper”. Issued by Information Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China in September 1992. (The definitive Chinese Government line on Tibet) – “The realities of Tibet fully show that the Tibetan people, who have shaken off the yoke of feudal serfdom, now enjoy extensive human rights which they have never been able to enjoy before. But their human rights are not yet complete because of Tibet’s backward economy and culture and its harsh geographic conditions. Continuous and sustained efforts should be made to improve the human rights situation. The Chinese Government and people are trying their best to accomplish this. However, the human rights the Tibetan people enjoy today are poles apart from those under feudal serfdom. The Dalai Clique and international anti-China forces, who flaunt the banner of “champions of human rights,” do not denounce the dark, savage and cruel feudal serfdom at all, under which the Tibetan people were deprived of all human rights by the serf-owners. But they continue to tell lies even after [the] lies they told previously have been exploded, alleging that the Tibetan people, who have become masters of the country, have lost their human rights. Their purpose is to mislead the public and create confusion in an attempt to realise their dream of dismembering China, seizing Tibet and finally subverting socialist China. Here lies the essence of so-called human rights in Tibet.”