Argument: Term limits are for uninformed and lazy voters

Issue Report: Term limits for legislators


Term Limits Voters Guide: “for the lazy stupid voters [term limits] creates change for people who don’t care enough to find out what the issues are or have the self control to not vote for the incumbent. Term limit laws are an acknowledgement by the voters that they are too dumb to make an informed decision at the ballot box.

It doesn’t matter how much money someone spends, when you go into vote, there’s no one holding a gun to your head making you vote for the guy who spent the most money or who is already in office. Believe it or not, you have free will. You can vote these people out. If you think the incumbent has an unfair advantage, you’re right. That’s why we need to reform the system an prohibit politicians from taking certain kinds of bribes (campaign contributions, we know what they really are). But if Americans are too damn lazy to figure out who to vote for they deserve the politicians who get elected.”

Gregory A. Hession, “Term limits – still a bad idea.” The New American. May 25th, 2010: “the representation has been less than satisfactory for constitutionalists, but it is the voters who deserve the blame for this, and term limits will not make them any wiser. Until they become better informed, term limits will only result in one bad representative being replaced with another bad representative.”