Argument: Religious polygamists often see their religious laws as above state law

Issue Report: Polygamy

Reasons to agree

  1. Lindsay Whitehurst, “Warren Jeffs speaks again, launching into hour-long sermon”. Retrieved 27Aug11 Jeffs said said he was a 5th generation polygamist, that he was following ‘God’s law.’…Polygamy “came only from God and not from legislative or governmental powers” and “This religious requirement is a pure, natural way of life.”
  2. John R. Llewellyn, former polygamist. “Polygamy vs. common sense”. Retrieved 4.24.08 – “One last remark about our Founding Fathers. Wilford Woodruff had a dream where a few of the Founding Fathers came to him and wanted to become Mormons, so he had all the signers of the Declaration of Independence baptized in a Mormon ritual called, Baptism for the Dead. As a result, many Mormons behave as if the Constitution is a Mormon document and everything Mormon, including plural marriage, is constitutional. I suppose that notion is good for Mormon self esteem, but once again, a real stretch of the imagination.”
  3. It is wrong to see your beliefs as above the law (Score: +2-3=-1)

Reasons to disagree