Argument: Osama death photos would squelch conspiracy theories

Issue Report: Release of Osama bin Laden death photos


“Editorial: Release pictures of slain bin Laden.” Chicago Sun-Times Editorial. May 3rd, 2011: “One picture can be worth more than a thousand conspiracy theories. For that reason alone the Obama administration should release the grisly photographs of the body of Osama bin Laden, who was slain Sunday in Pakistan during a 40-minute gun battle with Navy SEALs. It is either that or listen to years of sinister speculation that the photos have been withheld to keep the secret that the man who was slain was not bin Laden after all. Already, conspiracy theories are flying around the Internet. If they get out of hand, they’ll make those goofy birther theories look mild and sane by comparison. We say this knowing that all the facts are not yet out, and that there may be a compelling rationale that we have yet to hear for not releasing the photos. But we do know that the ability of real evidence to squelch crazy conspiracy rumors fades with time. Already, fake photos of bin Laden’s body are moving around the Web. We even received an e-mail from a man early Monday, less than 12 hours after the news of bin Laden’s death, who demanded — not entirely as a joke — that President Obama release bin Laden’s long-form death certificate.”

Taliban statement: “America has not shown any evidence or proof to support this claim.”