Argument: Open primaries produce moderate candidates that lack core beliefs

Issue Report: Open primaries


Jon Fleischman, publisher of the conservative FlashReport: “It would have the effect of reducing the number of ideologues in the Legislature and bringing in more pure politicians who don’t have a core set of beliefs.”

Marc Abrams. “Open primaries no better the second time around” Blue Oregon. October 18th, 2008: “What’s wrong with progressive ideas? If you believe in them, why moderate? I’m not saying that you don’t have to bow to reality, count to 16 and 31, and get something done in Salem, but you don’t have to eliminate the sources of great ideas in the process. What this idea says is “I don’t trust my own party members. There are two ways to win elections. One is to move to the middle. The other is to articulate your ideas with vision, clarity and passion and convince the middle to move to you. I’ve always believed in the latter course.”