Argument: Oil sands are too economically important to abandon

Issue Report: Oil sands


“Canada’s energy industry. Tarred with the same brush.” The Economist. Aug 5th 2010: “Energy, including natural gas, conventional oil and coal, makes up a quarter of Alberta’s $211 billion economy. The rest of the country benefits from service and supply contracts with energy companies, and from the government’s redistribution of Alberta’s wealth to poorer provinces.”

“Alberta group makes case for oil sands.” Globe and Mail. May 12th, 2010: “They have come armed with facts. Last year alone, they say, the oil sands invested $30-billion in infrastructure, more than any government stimulus program in North America. In the next two decades, according to one estimate, companies will pour $218-billion into new oil sands projects, a tally that will cause a giant ripple across the country.”[1]