Argument: Humans must give consent before medicines are tested on them – animals never give consent

Issue Report: Animal testing


Whenever a cosmetic or medical product is tested on a human, the person must agree and give consent. If the person is fairly sure the product will kill or harm them, they will choose not to undergo a trial for the product. Unfortunately, animals do not get a choice when products are experimented on them. Most of the animals when being tested are constrained and cannot get away. Most try to escape the lethal injection or makeup testing but fail. Animals do not give consent and have the same rights as humans. Animal testing should not happen because animals would never consent to the often fatal testing if they got the choice they were entitled to.


Do animals have the same rights as humans? It can be argued that individuals only have rights within their respective species; for example, while humans generally find it wrong to kill each other or exercise excessive control over one another, we find no such consensus over how animals should be treated. Similarly, dogs and wolves work in packs, and each pack has mannerisms specific to their species in how they interact with each other; in their natural state, however, they have no such interactions with other animals.

Since species genrally only have “rights” as we understand them within their own species, animals do not have rights in relation to humans. (Even John Locke, noted political philosopher, stated in his Second Treatise of Civil Government that humans have rights against each other because they are all born equal).