Argument: Historically gun control laws and prohibitions have been applied even at the federal level

Supporting Evidence

  • The Effectiveness of Martin S. Geisel, Richard Roll, R. Stanton Wettick, Jr., “State and Local Regulation of Handguns: A Statistical Analysis” Duke Law Journal, Vol. 1969 “In 1968, stronger federal gun control legislation was enacted.” Aimed at reinforcing state and local gun control regulations by barring interstate firearm transactions, the basic provisions of this Act include prohibitions against shipments of firearms in interstate commerce except between licensed dealers; prohibitions against persons, except licensed dealers, transporting into or receiving in the state of their residence any firearms obtained outside the state;'” prohibitions against sales to non-residents with certain exceptions for sales of rifles and shotguns to residents of a contiguous state;14 prohibitions against sales to or receipt by persons less than twenty one years of age (eighteen years of age for rifles and shotguns), convicted criminals, drug users and persons adjudicated as mentally defective;’-he imposition of licensing and record-keeping requirements on manufacturers, importers and dealers;I6 the imposition of controls over the manufacture, importation and sale of highly destructive weapons such as bazookas, mortars, grenades and bombs;17 and the imposition of additional controls over weapons covered by the National Firearms